The Greek Community School at St. Cyprian’s, an amalgamation of Tooting, Croydon and Streatham district community schools, was established in the year 2000. This coincided with the opening of our community’s first Greek Orthodox state primary school St. Cyprian’s in whose premises we operate every Saturday.
A committee of 15 members, who are democratically elected from the body of parents every two years at the AGM, governs our school.


  • To enrich and develop pupils’ identity
  • To develop pupils’ knowledge and use of the Greek language
  • To nurture and develop pupils’ consciousness of their cultural and religious heritage


Our vision for the Greek Community School is not only to develop a centre of excellence in academic performance but also a focal point for the community of south London where families and friends can meet and socialise. A centre where parents, teachers, friends young and old work together with a common purpose promoting community cohesion, Hellenism and the school’s aims and objectives.


We aim to provide a broad and balanced curriculum for all our students. Working with the curriculum designed for community schools by the Ministry of Education of Cyprus, our own curriculum and offer includes cultural, religious, geographical and historical topics relating to Greece, Cyprus and the Diaspora.

Our language targets have been specifically developed for each year group and are reviewed annually. This cross-curricular approach to teaching and learning also incorporates music, dance and drama; often, these provide the focus for our annual concerts and celebrations. Part of our curriculum includes class assemblies which form a vital part of each pupil’s overall development and enrichment. They provide opportunities for team building, developing a sense of responsibility and citizenship as well as assisting in the development of oral/aural skills in the Greek language needed for a good grade at GCSE and Advanced level examinations. Therefore pupils are expected to attend and participate in each school concert as part of their course work.


Pupils will be given homework each week in accordance with their age. This might be reading, writing or research based; homework is obligatory. A school diary will be given to each pupil so that they can record their homework. Parents are expected to sign the diary each week as an indication to the teacher that homework has been carried out.

If a pupil is absent from a lesson they are expected to catch up the following week. If a pupil repeatedly fails to produce homework the teacher will notify the parents so that they can support the pupil to carry out his/her homework.


Greek Orthodox and educational values are at the heart of all we decide and do. We have as a target the smooth and effective running of our school. We believe that a successful partnership between the school, the parents, teachers, children and the wider community help each pupil to take full advantage of all that the school has to offer aiming at the highest possible academic achievements.

The Greek Community School is like an orchard where the seedling trees of the Greek Orthodox Community of tomorrow are being nurtured. The more we look after it, the better and sweeter the fruits we shall be able to reap.

The following agreement supports this partnership in the interests of all our children.


  • Establish a code of conduct so that we may learn in a safe and secure and Christian environment
  • Expect good behaviour and respect for one another at all times
  • Aim at the highest possible standards of achievement for each individual child
  • Provide a balanced and appropriate language, religious and cultural curriculum
  • Provide appropriate homework for all age groups
  • Encourage everyone to do their own personal best
  • Monitor work and progress every term in accordance with the school policy
  • Inform parents of progress through termly progress reports and teacher parent meetings


Consultation days are held twice a year to discuss progress and set targets for each pupil. Advance notification is given to parents who are expected to attend. Progress reports are given at the end of each term and a more detailed report is prepared for each pupil at the end of the summer term.

As always, if you have any concerns please do not wait until a consultation day but email the Head Teacher, Antonia Koumi-Kastelanides, to arrange a suitable time and date to discuss your query (



There is a half hour break from 11.30 a.m. to 12:00 noon each Saturday.

Our volunteer parents run a healthy tuck shop which provides healthy hot snacks including pasta, toasted sandwiches and chicken. It also provides fruit and snacks such as crisps and chocolate bars as well as juices and water.

If you would prefer to provide your child with a packed lunch please ensure it is a NUT & SEED FREE healthy snack as we are a NUT & SEED FREE school.

Pupils are not allowed to go out of the school grounds during break.


Pupils are expected to attend regularly. In the event of an unavoidable absence an email must be sent to the school administrator including your child’s name, class teacher and reason for absence.


School Hours

Saturday 9.30am till 1.30pm

Nursery, Reception, Years 1 & 2 9.30am till - 1.15pm

"It is essential that pupils are punctual. Lateness disrupts the lesson and other pupils’ learning."

Pupils are expected to follow our CODE OF CONDUCT as set out above at all times.

As you are aware, we rent the school premises. Care and attention must be taken by pupils to conduct themselves in a manner which will not give rise to any complaints from the staff or Head of St. Cyprian’s Primary School.

Each morning pupils must wait in their class lines, in the playground, alongside the class name on the ground until the class teacher guides them to their classrooms. In case of bad weather children must line up under the canopy in the playground.

Together with their teachers, pupils should ensure that the classrooms are left tidy and clean after every lesson.

Pupils are allowed to use mobile phones in school ONLY BY PERMISSION. If they are seen or heard during school hours they will be confiscated, handed to the Head Teacher for collection at the end of the day.

Pupils are expected to move in a quiet and orderly manner in the corridors and on the stairs. Running is not allowed within the school building. Students must behave appropriately with good manners at all times.

Fighting amongst pupils, bullying including cyberbullying or the use of bad language will not be tolerated. The Head Teacher will inform the parents of children involved in any such conduct, and together with the parents’ committee decide on appropriate action to be taken should the need arise.


Parent Consultation meetings will take place twice a year in November and May from 12.00pm till 1.30pm by prior appointment.

Please ensure you book your slot on the appointment sheet, available in the glass corridor two weeks before.


We offer a variety of music lessons including guitar, mandolin and singing. Please speak to the school administrator for more information including fees.


Collection is at 1.15pm from the glass corridor for nursery, reception, Years 1 & 2

Collection is at 1.30pm from the school playground on Springfield Rd for all other pupils


If a child is not collected by 1.45pm they will be taken by their class teacher to reception where a member of staff will contact parents. A member of staff will stay at school with the child until he/ she is collected.


We will communicate with you via email and text message regarding events, diary dates and any important information you need to be aware of.